Inn Sitting Service
                                          "As if you were never away"

Rates and Services

Rates and Services innsitters provide the security for you bed & Breakfast country Inn with a seamless operation provided. will perform the duties at your property providing proper care in getting it ready for your next guest. fee structure is a flat fee per day we do not have a list of duties that require an additonal fee. Should there be something special out of the ordinary cost of doing business, and property ownership will discuss at or before arrival.

As an inn keeper of 19 years a set price would be important to me, I am sure for you also. philosophy as an interim inn keeper / inn sitter . Duties required to keep your property ready for arriving guests.  Where Inn staff is employed, follow-up on their duties as with any outside property care service will be adhered to per your instructions.

While at the Inn attention will be given to the necessary functions in detail from greeting the guests meeting their requests from check-in and at check-out, reservations, rooms, food service, shopping, pets, security and even making sure the plants are watered; etc.

Rates reflect a simple daily fee, as described any extra duties will be attended to upon arrival. (*mileage)


Normal daily duties of operating a Bed & Breakfast Inn will be given full attention.

  • Guest check-in
  • House and room service
  • Meal preparation
  • Afternoon receptions, i.e. wine and cheese etc.
  • Reservation desk
  • Guest check-out 


FEES: inn sitters: we did not charge for extras in housekeeping duties, ie, (shopping list of extras duties), *unless stated or prearranged with ownership. 



Ø      Three day minimum at the posted rates

Ø      Extended stay at posted rates


Ø      Less than three days the rate will be agreed upon. Possible mileage charge * 

(Emergencies do occur that require a shorter stay Less than minimum.) *


Travel Expenses:

*Cost of doing business =
travel auto mileage, no charge

 Air Travel

Domestic airfare negotiated at time of hire,

International airfare responsibility of property owner.


 *Minimum stay:
A $.50 per mile charge may apply for trips over 200 miles. (details at contract time) 
  Cross country driving will negotiate (1000 miles details at contract time)



Daily rate: $115 to 150*

Minimum three day stay.

Daily rate fee up to 13 days

Rates for extended stay
go to Special Offer page

* In house maid service or not, to be determined


The need to cancel the services of, a written notification of 14 days prior to our start date required.
Any cancellations within 14-day period deposits will not be refunded.


Food service



Prepared from your menu or if open to our list of dishes. Full or continental dining room or in room.


Check in time Social service

Ie. Cheese and wine, cookies and milk, etc.

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